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01 Aug Half Shell Mussel Recipe
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Ingredients2kg live mussels (approx. 40 individual mussels)½ medium sized red capsicum¼ cup peanut oil7 spring onions, trimmed and cut into 5 cm lengths4 ginger slices3 garlic cloves, crushed3 large red chillies, cut in half lengthways and seeds removed1 small red onion, cut in half and then into we..
28 Jan Chinese New Year Recipe (Vegetable)
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Chinese New Year Recipe (Vegetable)Some of those celebrating Chinese New Year keep fully vegetarian, while others follow a vegetarian diet some of the time. Hence, being vegetarian during Chinese New Year is not uncommon. Some Chinese old folks eat vegetarian dishes on the first day of New Year, but..
28 Jan Chinese New Year Recipe (Fish)
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Chinese New Year Recipe (Fish)Every new year is the mark of new beginnings, and wishes of good health, more wealth, togetherness, and other good tidings are common.  Eating fish during the Lunar New Year is a must for Chinese families as it signifies: “Nian Nian You Yu” (happiness every year). Here ..
28 Jan Chinese New Year Recipe (Chicken)
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Chinese New Year Recipe (Chicken)Back in the old days, it is considering a luxury to have chicken meat and therefore, it will only be served during important festivals such as Chinese New Year where everyone in the family comes together. Hence, eating chicken also symbolizes togetherness. And most i..
17 Jan Scallop Hotate Recipe
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Scallop Hotate RecipeSteamed Scallops with GarlicINGREDIENTS:6 - 8 Scallops1-2 tablespoon Roasted or Fried Garlic30g Vermicelli, soaked to soften1/4 teaspoon SaltA pinch of SugarA dash of Ground Black PepperA drizzle of Sesame Seed OilMETHOD:Dab scallops dry with kitchen paper.Mar..
16 Dec Turkey Ham Recipe
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Turkey Ham RecipeTurkey ham is a ready-to-eat, processed meat made from cooked or cured turkey meat, water and other ingredients such as binders. Turkey ham products contain no pork products.  It is a good source of protein and low in fat, we have prepare some nice recipe foe you by using the turkey..
16 Nov Siakap Recipe
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Siakap RecipeRecenetly, Siakap, or in English, Barramundi, had become the most famous fish in Malaysia, we all know this fish is the most common fish that all people take, so here are some recipes for you to cook your own so that you will not be “siakap” by those dishonest merchants.Mala Steamed Bar..
15 Oct Lamb Recipe
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Lamb RecipeLamb recipes are fun to cook because the meat works so well in so many different situations. The protein makes a great substitute if you're getting tired of a beef, chicken, or pork routine, and can be used in wraps or kebobs at a cookout. Here are some recipes we prepared for youMoroccan..
13 Sep Tiger Prawn Recipe
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Tiger Prawn RecipeTiger Prawn, also known as tiger shrimp, tiger prawn get their name from the fact that they have black or orange stripes and a black or orange body that resembles a tiger. And they taste good! And here are some good one to put on your menu.Golden Salted Egg Pumpkin PrawnsSalted egg..
05 Aug Patin Recipe
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Patin is the most-talkedabout freshwater fish in the east coast. In some people's opinion, Patin is a superb eating fish , if they like fish a little more on the fatty side, the fat in the belly is just nice and very close to heaven. Today, we prepared some Patin recipe for the Patin lovers.Patin te..
16 Jul Salmon Recipe
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SALMON RECIPESalmon is not only delicious but also the most nutritious foods on the planet, it’s tasty, versatile, and widely available. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a great source of protein, high in B Vitamins and most importantly, it is delicious!We prepare some tasty and savoury salmon rec..
16 Jun Anchovies Recipe
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